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You can buy poppers at Bar Cru. We have a wide range of international & high-quality poppers. We sell well-known brands such as Rush, Jungle Juice and Fist, in various sizes, as well as newer products.

You can buy poppers at Bar Cru without having to enter the bar. Ask at the door. You must be aged 18+ and we reserve the right to request proof of age.

We do not sell poppers online or deliver by post.

We are open 7 days a week from 17h-02h/03h

Bar Cru, Rua de São Marçal 170, 1200-423 Lisbon, Portugal

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Rua de São Marçal, 170,

Príncipe Real,

1200-423, Lisboa, Portugal. 

En frente al British Council 



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