MrB Leather Cockstrap with 8 bronze snapstuds

MrB Leather Cockstrap with 8 bronze snapstuds

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This all leather XXL Mister B Leather Cockstrap, offers you a huge flexibilitywith the 8 bronze snap studs. Made of sturdy jeans leather, this leather cockstrap is lined on the inside for extra comfort. Because the undersides of the bottom snap studs are covered and stitched in the soft leather lining, no metal parts touch your sensitive skin or can cause irritation. Depending on what setting you put it, the resulting inner diameter of this cockstrap varies between approximately 40 and 80 mm, ensuring a nice and tight or comfy loose fit around your dick. Having this cockstrap around your dick and balls will lead to longer and harder erections which you (and / or your partner) will enjoy
Strong. Sexy. Ready to play.

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