Oxballs Rosebud Plug


ROSEBUD is a pure silicone plug from Oxballs that’s designed to “bloom” open once it’s lodged up your butt. The inner mouth of ROSEBUD is lined with raised ribbing that force its flanges to stay open…even when it’s stuffed up a tight greased up hole.


ROSEBUD is made from Oxballs signature Pure Platinum grade silicone so it’s soft n’ smooth but still firm enough to give you a stretch you won’t soon forget.


The ROSEBUD collapses to the size of about a pool-ball…a good start for training your hole to take large plugs or dildos.


Lube safe: Water-based (recommended), silicone base, hybrid, oil based


Cleaning: detergent and hot water, diluted bleach/water solution, dishwasher.

Pure Platinum Grade Silicone Made in the USA by Oxballs.


Total Length: 11.4 cm.

Usable Length: 10.2 cm.

Smallest Usable Circumference: 10.8 cm.

Largest Usable Circumference (Closed): 20.3 cm.

Largest Usable Circumference (Open): 24.1 cm .

Colour: Black



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